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#GetSome with Gary Owen

Oct 20, 2017

Gary Owen talks about a variety of reasons that this week was a very good week for him, including:

  1. Why Def Comedy Jam has been a bucket list opportunity for him, and how a chance encounter with Tony Rock landed Gary the 1st episode of the hit show's upcoming return to TV.
  2. Filming "Meet The Blacks 2" this week, and other movies he's done
  3. Watching Gordon Hayward break his ankle in the 1st Quarter of his first game with the Celtics.
  4. Gary's Great White NBA Hope - Luke Kennard
  5. Bad knee surgery - how the Navy messed up Gary's knees for life
  6. Forcasting this week's Bengals - Steelers game
  7. When Kansas City Police suspected Gary of domestic violence
  8. Aaron Rodgers and religion
  9. How Chris Rock and Gary are alike
  10. Jamie Foxx doesn't really laugh at other comedians' jokes
  11. Selling tickets on Groupon
  12. Superbowl picks