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#GetSome with Gary Owen

Jan 24, 2018

With NFL season coming to a close, Gary Owen has more time on his hands to get into more drama, which in-turn means more laughs for his listeners. This episode, Gary shares:

  1. Why he would do Dancing With The Stars
  2. Will Packer's NAACP Awards speech
  3. ADHD BREAK: The problem with Donald Trump calling black countries shitholes
  4. ADHD CONT'D: Longwinded preachers at funerals
  5. How his critique of Tiffany Haddish's performance in Girl's Trip led to drama
  6. Twerking For Jesus with Tiffany Haddish
  7. Sports Talk: Trey Young + NBA rivalries and fake tough guys
  8. Crazy Stepdad Story: He thinks I'm Gay