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#GetSome with Gary Owen

Sep 15, 2017

Gary recounts the wild things he got into recently while in Portland, Oregon, like:

  1. Using his celebrity to cut in line at a doughnut shop to buy $6 worth of donuts with a credit card
  2. Being strong-armed into buying donuts for young homeless white dudes
  3. Movie theater drama with teenagers
  4. Watching the Bengals-Ravens game at a sports bar. This is an inside look at what a true football fan really sounds like when their team is not meeting expectations.

Also this episode:

  1. Gary offers his comedic prediction of what will happen in the GGG vs. Canelo fight on Sept 16th
  2. Tailgating parties in Cincinnati
  3. Gary expresses his disdain for people screaming "I told you..." after the obvious has already happened, and more.