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#GetSome with Gary Owen

Sep 20, 2018

Today, Gary Owen discusses several topics, from having self-conscious moments about using filler phrases, to whether or not he agrees with Kat Williams' assessments of other comedians.

1. Upcoming tour schedule
2. Bengals are undefeated
3. Ataendadaday Adrien Broner
4. George Zimmerman is a piece of...

Sep 13, 2018

In another ADHD style episode, Gary Owen covers a variety of topics while lobbying and encouraging his fans to help him get a role in a possible sequel to the hit 2017 film Girls Trip. 

1. Funny story about R&B singer Lloyd
2. Lil Duval hit song
3. Being Tiffany Haddish boyfriend
4. Binge watching Ozark...

Sep 6, 2018

From 7-hour funerals to drama with a shoe company's commercials, Gary Owen shares his funny, but serious, take on some of the latest happenings in popular culture.

1. Aretha Franklin and John McCain funerals
2. Actor Geoffrey Owens (The Cosby Show) job shamed online
3. 2018-19 NFL season starts
4. Angry...

Aug 30, 2018

This week, Gary Owen shares how he made amends for a recent run in he had with a fan who works at an airport and called him out on Twitter. 

1. Upcoming schedule
2. Madden tournament shooting in Jacksonville, FL
3. Asian massage parlors
4. Twitter fan called me rude
5. Diffusing arguments
6. NFL talk

Aug 23, 2018

Gary Owen talks about podcasts he likes, appreciating musicians who are no longer alive, healthy living tips, and more. 

1. Filling in as the host of SWAY's show
2. Excited about NFL season
3. Healthy lifestyle habits
4. Aretha Franklin and other great musicians
5. Podcasts I like and want to be on